1. Why should I choose you?

We believe that every Filipino must always walk through life with confidence. That is why we produce and sell premium quality and long-lasting perfumes that will not just make you smell great but also boost your self-confidence.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Sadly, no, but we’re doing our best to reach out to our international clients.

3. What is the difference between Eau de perfume, Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne?

The only difference between them is the amount/concentration of fragrance oil used. Commonly 15- 20%, 5-15%, 2-4%, respectively. Our perfumes are Eau de toilette.

4. How can I make the fragrance stay longer?

It is a good habit to moisturize your skin before spraying your favorite perfume. For more tips and tricks on how to store and use your favorite perfume, please like and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

5. Are your perfumes, alcohol-based or oil-based?

Our perfumes are alcohol-based, just like any other perfumes available in the market. Oil-based perfumes are highly viscous, so they come in a roll-on or dropper bottle and cannot be sprayed.

6. How can I keep my perfume from going bad?

Always store your perfume in a cool and dry area. Don’t store your perfumes in direct sunlight or your bathroom because it can break down the fragrance oils and weaken the fragrance. Keep them in your bedroom instead. For more tips and tricks on how to store and use your favorite perfume, please like and Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

7. What are your payment options?

We accept payments via CASH ON DELIVERY, BANK TRANSFER, or GCASH. Please note that there may be a charge when using these payment options. If you don’t have any of these payment options, please contact us and we’ll be getting in touch with you.

8. How long is the shipping and delivery process?

We ship out the items the next day after you complete the order process. The delivery process depends on our third-party couriers. 

To track your orders, please use the tracking number provided in your confirmation notice.

9. How much is the delivery and/or handling charge?

For orders below ₱750 the shipping fee varies depending on your location. However, for orders worth ₱750 or more shipping fee is FREE.

10. What's your return policy?

We always prioritize your satisfaction. We understand that some of our products may not be what you expected, that is why if you are not satisfied and would like to return the product, just inform us via an email or Facebook messenger. Please wait for our confirmation, then send the product/s back to us in good condition within 7-days of the delivery date. As long as the perfume is not used in excess, you will get a full refund. And if not, you will be given a partial refund.

We would like to emphasize that all shipping and delivery costs are non-refundable unless under certain conditions like when the items delivered are damaged or wrong.

In case of damaged items, please notify us immediately through an email or Facebook messenger. So we can inform the courier and file a damage claim. Please keep all the packaging materials for 7-days after notifying us, and replacement will be sent to you.

11. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, it is your right to cancel your order at any time. However, if the order was shipped out, the delivery will proceed, but you have the option not to accept the order. Be Reminded, if you choose Cash On Delivery (COD) as the mode of payment, you have nothing to pay upon delivery of your canceled order. For Bank Transfer and GCash transactions, we will refund your money within 7-banking days.