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Looking for Your Perfect Match?

Finding a perfume that matches your personality (and skin chemistry) is like finding true love. It may be hard, but it's worth it. But here's the main point: You must be the one choosing your perfume.


Basing your choice on what others like is not a good idea this is because of the skin chemistry of different people, which means the perfume that smells good in your friends may not smell good on you. Instead, use their opinion to help you in the decision process.


Steps in testing new fragrances:

  1. Spray 1 scent on each wrist and inner elbow. Refrain from using those smelling strips provided by the salesperson.
  2. If you feel fatigued, neutralize your sense of smell by smelling the coffee bean provided in the store, or better, smell your unsprayed skin.
  3. Wait a few seconds before smelling this will allow the scent of alcohol to disappear.
  4. Evaluate the smell of the perfume at different intervals, for example, 5mins, 30mins, 1hr, etc.
  5. Purchase your winning fragrance.


Investing your time in choosing the best fragrance for you will pay off in the long-run because it will not just save your money on fragrances that you don't like, but also save you the best compliments you can get.